We are all capable of choosing the experiences we want to be having at any given time. We are all capable of becoming the highest version of ourselves. I am here to support you in creating the life you want to live, your new reality.

Are you living in alignment with your true purpose?" Do you know who you are?

​Hello!  I am  Deniese Woolfolk and I assist others with coming into alignment with their own authenticity. Through Sacred Womb/Dantien practices one can begin releasing pain and patterns stuck in the DNA  across ancestral lines. I have been doing this work for many many years,  It has become my life path as I travel the road to Self Mastery.  Self Mastery is a daily practice.  Life spirals, unfolds, takes right and left turns as we evolve. The key is to allow the spiraling, the twists, the turns to unfold while we learn, clear or embody what we are being shown.  Our Ancestors hold the key to our healing. Honoring and Listening to their gentle guidance can greatly assist our journey to Self Discovery and Self Embodiment.  I have received training from many teachers across the country and applied what I learned to reinvent and heal my life.  These Ancient Practices have facilitated my healing, my Spiritual Growth and Reclaiming my Authentic Self.  This Gnostic way of sharing wisdom and knowledge allows me to meet you where you are in the present moment with a compassionate, loving and non-judgmental heart.  I embody and practice the Ancient Ways of healing from many cultures using, divination,  herbal medicine, vibrational medicine with deep meditative practices.  incorporating these practices into my daily life allows me to live in alignment with my purpose and to be in tune with nature to be in Flow.   I will share these practices with you, allowing you to explore the deepest parts of yourself.  To discover what lower vibrational energies, distractions, distortions, "false truths" you may have running in your subconscious, impacting your life in an unconscious way.  These  energies, habits, behaviors, addictions create blocks in your ability to transform your life.  How?  You may find yourself repeating old patterns that no longer serve you or  find yourself  in relationship with others that is not serving you, personal and intimate.  This is a signal, these patterns are no longer serving you and are ready to be transmuted.  Are you ready to let these things go? 


I am LBGTQIA friendly.  We are ALL Divine beings. We have all been gifted with a Divine Purpose. This gift is unique to your True Essence.  I  can assist you with coming into alignment with your own authenticity, allowing you to embody what is True for you bringing you into alignment.

Contemporary American culture feels the need to categorize and pin down each of us.  I believe we are not meant to be compartmentalized. We are not meant to be this or that. We are meant to be this and that.. Balanced, Fluid,  Flexible.  When we are internally and externally aligned we stir up less friction in our lives.  This creates peace and harmony as we move about the world.  We deserve to live in alignment with our Absolute Truth and to make No apologies for doing so.

Are you in a role presenting yourself in a way that is not in alignment with your calling, your passion, who you truly are?  Perhaps you have been on this path of work before and would like a refreshing restart.  Perhaps you are new to this way of thinking.  I am an Activist for social change through Self Mastery.  When we know who we are and begin loving ourselves we are able to be in relationship with others from a place of Love and compassion. We then give others the permission to be authentic without judgment or expectation. 

All of who you are is welcome here.  I believe Together we can change the planet! 


Deniese Woolfolk

Are You Creating The Life You Would Like to Be Living?

  • Do certain patterns from your past keep repeating in your life keeping you stuck and unable to move forward?

  • Are you living authentically with your Soul's true calling?

  • Do you feel Disconnected from your Womb/Feminine center?

  • Do you feel trapped in a body that does not represent who you are?

  • Have you had  womb surgeries, miscarriage(s), abortion(s), sexual violations?

  • Do you often feel powerless in your personal/professional relationships?

  • Do you know who you are?

  • Are you able to feel joy or passion in your life?

  • Are you able to freely express your needs..your desires

  • How much do you trust your intuition..your "gut" feeling?

  • Do you have a Spiritual Practice a deeper connection to your Higher Self?

Embody The Highest Version of Yourself...Your Soul Essence

  • Discover you own unique gifts, your passion, what brings you joy
  • Learn to create choices that support the highest version of You

  • Develop skills that support your personal growth through spiritual and emotional maturity

  • Discover the core beliefs that have been motivating your thoughts, choices and behaviors

  • Get clear on what is personally sabotaging your growth and success.

Are You ready to embody your True Essence?

If you have questions or just want to feel me out before saying "Yes" to you,  then schedule your 30 minute Zoom teleconference consultation.   Once you schedule a date and time,  I will contact you with the Zoom information for our teleconference meeting.

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