We are all capable of choosing the experiences we want to be having at any given time. We are all capable of becoming the highest version of ourselves. I am here to support you in creating the life you want to live, your new reality.

Are you living in alignment with your true purpose?" Do you know who you are?

​Hello!  I am  Deniese Woolfolk and I can assist  you with learning to trust and listen to your inner voice. That part of yourself that KNOWS.  We often take the subtle messages that we receive as a fluke or coincidence, never really taking time to explore this deeper part of ourselves.  There are dozens of reasons why we don't trust our inner knowing.  I am here to help you create a different relationship with your inner knowing, the part of yourself that keeps you safe, guides your steps and knows beyond all knowing.  It is time to reshape your own story. Your inner guidance is there to support you.  Are you ready to create a story that reflects your authenticity?  One that reflects your fierceness and your tenderness? One that reflects your most sacred self?  Through sacred rituals and practices, you can begin releasing pain and patterns that have you feeling stuck in your life. The patterns you choose to intentionally heal and release can bring healing to your personal  and interpersonal relationships.  Intentional work can transmute energies/ behaviors/beliefs back through your ancestral line.  I have been incorporating sacred ritual into my daily practice for many many years, such as prayer, meditation, ritual and journaling.  I naturally gravitated to painting and drawing because of the meditative state I would enter into when my focus was on creating.

The funny thing about art therapy is I did not realize there was medical evidence behind the benefits of releasing emotion through art and movement. I just knew I felt better when in the meditative state of creating. When I began to experience profound openings and "A HA!" moments with each modality, I wanted to learn more! I began to study the psychology behind therapeutic art and how it facilitated my road to healing. I continued to use meditation,  journaling,  painting and vision boarding to work transform different areas of my life where I felt stuck and lacking self love.  I received clear messages from my Higher Self with valuable information regarding life choices and changes. I realized I was communing with my Sacred Oracle. I began to trust my inner Knowing and tapped in to my inner Wisdom. I knew I had to share this intentional healing modality.

In 2018 I became a Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I am thrilled to be helping my clients tap into their inner artist to create relationship with a deeper part of themselves, their Sacred Oracle. The Sacred Oracle steps forward when we get out of our own way, when we disregard our inner critic to allow the Essence of who we are to speak to us, to guide the way.

I am here to encourage and facilitate your independent self-reflection. To introduce you to your Sacred Oracle. To assist you with your plan for your future, so you can began to create the positive life changes you desire.  Everyone is naturally creative. When you create live flows through you. Enjoying creativity without standards is true happiness.


I look forward to moving my body to release tension, and stress any chance I can get.  Dancing, Cardio, Boxing  are just a few ways I move my body to release unspoken, unresolved emotions that can get stuck in my body.  Ecstatic Dance has been a form of free style expression  I love. The flow of Ecstatic dance and its freedom of movement allows  me to move freely between the different emotions and feelings that spring forth when I am in complete surrender.  It is a fantastic way to end the week and it's a fun way for me to get my cardio in! Intuit Ecstatic Lexington is a local nonprofit I created to promote community awareness, fellowship and personal healing. The first event held was an Ecstatic Dance pop up session to generate interest.  Now, we currently dance together once a month at It's Possible Venue here in Lexington, KY.  Our community is growing each month as word is spread of Our sacred container. The dance floor is a drug free, alcohol free, no talking type of vibe. We move to rhythms and beats from around the world. There are no dance steps to learn,  just pure free flow movement in a judgment-free zone.  I hope to see you there! To learn more go to  Follow soulwisdom4u to stay up to date on the happenings.

This method of healing has been invaluable to me. I continue to use my spiritual practices, creative arts, movement and ritual to strengthen my focus, to express and release emotion baggage.   These practices guide me towards the deepest parts of myself allowing me to excavate what is hidden in my subconscious and negatively impacting my life.  I began to notice how often negative dialog would stop my flow. The almost constant stream of thoughts convincing me I was not enough, broken, unlovable, all the "things".  I did not give up! I found the courage to ask the hard questions and receive the hard answers.  I continued to work through the internal patterns of Self hate and loathing.  I began retrieving the fragmented parts of myself and I began to feel whole again.   

I regained my strength and began to honor myself and create my NEW story!


I began to create a different relationship with my inner critic.  I realized I had learned a lot from my critic.  I  became aware of distracting habits, co-dependency, areas of my life were I was not being authentic.  My inner critic was shining a beacon of light directly towards what needed healing, correcting, reevaluating, discarding, forgiving and Loving.  I was unsure if I would be able  to turn towards these things since I was so use to running from them. What I did know was  enough was enough!  I began to trust the process, tapped into deep faith and began to look where I had not been looking to find what I haven't been seeing.  I began to listen in a way I had not been listening to reveal what I had not been hearing.  I began to think in a way I had not been thinking.

I became aware of an entire world inside myself that when tapped into, allows me to create a life of peace, joy and abundance.  Now, when my inner critic raises her head, she no longer holds the power to convince me I am unworthy.  I instead, acknowledge from where I have come and state, "That story no longer applies to me. I have written a different story, I am enough!"  This declaration instantly moves me into a place of joy and empowerment! 

My mission is to guide you towards YOUR OWN inner knowing, your joy, your empowerment, so you can began an intentional dialog with your inner self, your inner oracle. What does It want to share with you? What guidance is waiting to be revealed to you? Do you feel your current Life circumstances are in need of change, but you just don't know where or how to begin:  Allow me to introduce you to your Sacred Soul Essence in an intentional way. 

I am LBGTQIA friendly.  We are ALL Divine beings. We have all been gifted with a Divine Purpose. This gift is unique to our True Essence.  When we are internally and externally aligned we stir up less friction in our lives.  This creates peace and harmony in our relationships and as we move about the world.  We deserve to live in alignment with our Absolute Truth and to make No apologies for doing so.

Are you in a role presenting yourself in a way that is not in alignment with your calling, your passion, who you truly are?  Perhaps you have been on this path of work before and would like a refreshing restart.  Perhaps you are new to this way of thinking.  I am an Activist for social change through Self Mastery and Authenticity.  When we know who we are and begin loving ourselves, we are able to stand in our power, create safe boundaries and  be in relationship with others from a place of Love and compassion. 

All of who you are is welcome here.  I believe Together we can change the planet! 


Deniese Woolfolk

Are You Creating The Life You Would Like to Be Living?

  • Do certain patterns from your past keep repeating in your life keeping you stuck and unable to move forward?

  • Are you living authentically with your Soul's true calling?

  • Do you feel Disconnected from your Womb/Feminine center?

  • Do you feel trapped in a body that does not represent who you are?

  • Have you had  womb surgeries, miscarriage(s), abortion(s), sexual violations?

  • Do you often feel powerless in your personal/professional relationships?

  • Do you know who you are?

  • Are you able to feel joy or passion in your life?

  • Are you able to freely express your needs..your desires

  • How much do you trust your intuition..your "gut" feeling?

  • Do you have a Spiritual Practice a deeper connection to your Higher Self?

Embody The Highest Version of Yourself...Your Soul Essence

  • Discover you own unique gifts, your passion, what brings you joy
  • Learn to create choices that support the highest version of You

  • Develop skills that support your personal growth through spiritual and emotional maturity

  • Discover the core beliefs that have been motivating your thoughts, choices and behaviors

  • Get clear on what is personally sabotaging your growth and success.

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