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Intentional Creativity Sessions

  • Journaling

  • Visualization

  • Metacognitive Therapy

  • Painting/Drawing

  • Movement

No Painting or Drawing experience necessary.

Group or One-on-One Sessions

Call for Details

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Synergy Dance Movement Flow presents: AWAKEN: A Voyage Through the Chakra System.
This is a workshop that allows you to experience the energy of each energy center. We will discover areas of blockage, deficient energy and excessive energy that can cause us to feel out of sync with life. We will discover ways to navigate the energy of each chakra and how to access, balance and energize our Chakra System. No dance experience necessary. This workshop is more of a movement class as you journey inward with metacognitive drawing and a guided visualization.

  • Who is this class for?
    Anyone wanting to move some energy and to become deeply connected with their body.

  • Why would you take this workshop?
    To explore the energy centers in your body that can become blocked, over stimulated, stuck causing emotional and sometimes physical discomfort.

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