Exploring intentional healing through creative expression


 A Walk Between Worlds

Let's journey down the path of Illumination and Self Reflection.

  • What is Knowable about yourself?

  • Who do you show up as for yourself?

  • What lies beneath the surface of your contextual goo?

  • What is your part in the great unfolding of life?

These are just a few questions we will contemplate during this 4 week class. Are you ready to get current with yourself and they way you think about life and what it has to offer?

Are you ready to Awaken to what lies in the in between?

Are you ready to Awaken to your Passion?

You are

A Lotus Rising

The lotus is a flower that settles in the mud of a pond. It sends its roots deep into the dark soil to begin its journey towards the surface guided by nothing but light. No matter how faint the light is, the lotus still moves towards the light. It does not matter how thick the mud is, the flower is on a mission, a mission to purify its surroundings. Once it makes its way to the surface of the pond, it beings to purify the pond and the muddy water around the lotus becomes clear and pure. The lotus follows its path.

Beloveds we are at a time where we are being asked to step into our Heart and Passion which leads to our Freedom and Liberation. When you follow your own unique path, you bring your unique gifts and wisdom to be shared with the world. Like the lotus you can begin to rise above adversity. To rise up out of unconsciousness and into strength and resilience.

Let's explore what areas of your life are calling you to rise up out of the mud.

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