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Deniese Renee' Woolfolk she/her

Well, Hello!

 I am Deniese Renee' Woolfolk, a native Kentuckian multi-talented in Visual and Creative Arts. I am professionally trained as a Natural Holistic Healer. I utilize my trainings to create synergies of healing using Herbal Medicine, Art, Movement and Manual Manipulation, when practicing Massage Therapy.

I am a Medicine Woman in love with the idea of healing through pleasure rather than pain. I support women and members of the LGBTQ+ community who are seeking to be more connected with their creativity. Those seeking to transform their intimate and interpersonal relationships.  Those wanting to be more loving and compassionate with themselves and others.  I do this by introducing the healing practices of metacognitive drawing, guided visualizations. painting, movement, and journal inquiries. The combination of these practices creates a synergy of healing and transformation.


The testimonies I have received from those who journey with me express more clarity about who they are. They feel seen and self-expressed from a more authentic place.  I love witnessing the "Ah ha" moments as new information and downloads drop in for each of them. They begin to realize the information comes from a place they did not know how to access prior to picking up the pen or brush. Access granted! They begin a deeper connection to Source and who they really are. This is what sparks the passion for me to share this work. 

Intentional Creativity® shines a light into the areas of ourselves that need excavating from the forgotten sometimes hidden places we hold pain, shame and trauma. Intentional Creativity® helps bring awareness to the things blocking us from being able to move forward in our lives. Doing work on this level can allow one to live a life filled with joy bringing more love and compassion into the world.  

My interest in Art began as an early teen. I remember doodling during class as I took notes drawing in the margins adding emphasis to my notes. I loved the days we had art in elementary school. Sinking my little hands into clay creating a lumpy bowl that leaned slightly to the left proud to present to my parents.

I remember asking my parents for an artist kit for Christmas one year. I was so surprised to receive not only an artist kit but my first easel! Handmade by my father. I was inspired! My parents were very supportive and encouraged me to do what I loved. Painting and drawing became my favorite past time. I would sketch and paint with my paint-by-number sets. I never had any formal training or studies in art. I saw Life as art. Noticing the beauty of shapes and angles, swirls and color.

I began painting again during the pandemic shut down when there was so much uncertainty in my life as I lived through being isolated from my loved ones. I decided to drag out my easel and find an online painting class. 

I was blessed to find Shiloh Sophia who introduced me to her body of work Intentional Creativity®.  I decided to take one of her online classes and instantly became hooked.

I began to explore the deeper parts of myself with each class. I began to explore a deeper relationship with my ancestors. Listening as divine messages began to flow through me and onto the canvas as I held my intention light as a feather. Messages in the form of symbols, colors, sound began to open me up to see the things blocking me keeping me stuck in a very somatic way.

Bringing the unseen into awareness, allowed me to release the hold and clear the energy creating the blockage and stuckness.  I discovered the magic of this work when I began to notice as I did the work for myself, the healing energy rippled out throughout my family clearing energetic patterns repeating from generation to generation. I became the medicine. I am the medicine! 


When I'm not teaching or painting I love to travel and play in the sun. I love living my colorful life! Remembering to play and experience life with a sense of wonder! 

I am a Priestess of Ifa, in the Yoruba tradition. Ifa is about always seeing the relationship between individual events as they fit into the basic Truths of the Universe. I honor and respect the sacred divinity that is within All, including our universal and planetary relationships. I seek enlightenment through selfless service to humanity and serve as a spiritual vessel for the restorative healing of our Earth Mother.


Intentional Creativity® is ALL INCLUSIVE!


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is the foundation of Prism Perspectives and

honoring the colors of You. Your uniqueness is what the world is waiting for! I am here to inspire You, if you are willing and ready to discover and celebrate ALL of who You are.

It is time to reclaim your Creative Spirit. Creativity activates. Intentional Creativity leads to liberation and the empowerment of Self. 


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"I am glad I was able to release the hurdles that I came in with. I will take with me my red thread of hope, endurance and worth and let it be in remembrance of just that. "


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