Deniese Renee' Woolfolk she/her

Hello. I am Deniese Renee' Woolfolk. A native Kentuckian multi talented in Visual and Creative Arts. I am professionally trained as a Natural Holistic Healer. I utilize my trainings to create a synergy of healing using Herbal Medicine, Art, Movement and Manual Manipulation, when practicing Massage Therapy.

I am an Artist, a Creative and  a New Earth Visionary who dives into Quantum Mysticism by way of  Consciousness Coaching and Intentional Creativity. I am a Medicine Woman who is in love with the idea of healing through pleasure rather than pain. I use Creative Arts, movement and intention to assist my Beloveds with receiving insight about their inner terrain. I received my Intentional Creativity Coach Certification through the Musea Center for Intentional Creativity located in Sonoma California. Musea is a global community of woman Artists who gather together to Awaken through Intentional Creativity.

I am a Priestess of Ifa, in the Yoruba tradition. Ifa is about always seeing the relationship between individual events as they fit into the basic Truths of the Universe. We honor and respect the sacred divinity that is within All, including our universal and planetary relationships. We seek enlightenment through selfless service to humanity and serve as spiritual vessels for the restorative healing of our Earth Mother.









Intentional Creativity® is ALL INCLUSIVE!


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is the foundation of Prism Perspectives  

Creative Coaching, Honoring the colors of You. Your uniqueness is what the world is waiting for! I am here to inspire You, if you are willing and ready to discover and celebrate ALL of who you are.

I am an Ayurveda practitioner, receiving my certification through the Chopra Center Perfect Health Program, here in Lexington.

I am a graduate of Nine Gates Mystery School.  Mystery school focuses on the embodiment of the human spirit by exploring the human energy system and its vortices also known as chakras.

I am a certified dance facilitator where I use movement, art, frequency and vibration to celebrate the power of dance to ignite freedom and self expression.

I graduated from Massage School in 2003 and began to be in service to my community and humanity. I opened Subtle Energy Massage Therapy in 2003  and I continue to expand and offer my services to date.

I began my interest in Art as an early teen. I remember doodling during class as I took notes. I loved art class which gave me exposure to different ways to create art. I remember asking my parents for an artist kit for Christmas one year. I was so surprised to receive not only an an artist kit but an easel my father had made for me by hand. I was inspired! My parents were very supportive and encouraged me to do what I loved.

Painting and drawing became my favorite past time. I would sketch and paint with my paint-by-number sets.  I used to watch The Brady Bunch as a youngster I loved the house they lived in and would dream of having that same house. The father in the show was an architect. I had no idea what an architect was until I watched that show.  I was hooked  I began to dream of being an Architect that way I could build my own house.  In 7th grade I enrolled in drafting class to give it a try. Once I realized all the little details required to create a building, I decided becoming an Architect was not my calling. 

In high school my creative art switched to music. I played clarinet in the marching band for two years my sketching and drawing took a back burner. After graduation I did not pick up a brush for years. A couple of years ago, an online painting class popped up on my feed. I had not thought about painting for many many years. The offering included painting and journaling with a group of women online. I had no idea how this was going to work, but I was intrigued and enrolled. 

I began to re-kindle the joy of painting, the joy of creating. I began to explore the deeper terrain of my inner world. I began to allow my heart to open to myself with love and compassion as I transformed out dated beliefs and heal old wounds with focused intention and ritual.

It is time to reclaim your Creative Spirit! Creativity activates. Intentional Creativity leads to liberation and the empowerment of Self. 


I believe we are ALL creative, it is our birthright. 

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