Metacognitive drawing is thinking about Self,

while being yourSelf,

to learn about the Self,

so you can care more about that which is beyond the Self.

Metacognition is to think about thinking often with an inquiry or just waiting to see what shows up while moving a pen. This allows you to become conscious while moving the pen or brush. When you are painting a beautiful nature scene or object, this is not quite the same as metacognitive drawing. On a basic level, metacognitive drawing is moving the pen without control or having a hopeful outcome. We are simply moving the pen to see what arises. We are observing ourselves while we are drawing.


INQUIRY: What does my soul want me to  know right now?

ANSWER: My capacity to create and impact the world is far greater than what I can imagine.

During the above metacognitive process above, I received the answer and went to my journal to process the answer that came through for me. I became so excited with the answer that came thorough from a place where my conscious mind could not see.

But what was holding me back?  Why was I not living this life of pure Joy and Bliss?  The answer? Unconscious and unexamined frameworks that were outdated and needing to be transmuted. I began to examine my innerself, my outerself, my environment, how I felt about others, my relationship to the Divine Creator/Creatrix, my beliefs and biases and the systems and structures I operated from. 

I gradually become Aware of the context I lived in.  I explored my inner terrain to hang out with my inner Self and I was willing to know what was knowable. this allowed me to step out of out dated frameworks and into LIBERATION!


Art and Coaching That Transforms 

What happens when you combine Coaching with Intentional Creativity?

In intentional creativity coaching we recognize that bringing the senses into the coaching experience can deepen and enrich the experience for both coach and client. The connection with the body plays so powerfully in the way we receive and perceive information. My teaching are about moving beyond a focus on just feelings and connecting to the full spectrum of the senses which is the full body. 

Illustrating concepts to make something concrete that may have been abstract helps create a felt sense experience that helps rewire the brain. Our culture and education system values verbal language and left brain linear logical thinking. This way of creating limits access to a whole other part of the way we communicate, and that's visual language. Visual language introduces play and creative thinking to help make sense of the inner and outer world. Visual Language is engaging; it brings mind and body online.  It requires focus and it helps memory retention.