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Medicine Painting is an ancient practice woven throughout human history. We are seeing a revival in modern times, as people are called to take healing into their own hands. Medicine Painting is painting with an intent to heal and receive insight. Tens of thousands of women around the world work with this approach to embark on a healing journey through Intentional Creativity®.

Creativity activates inherent life force and can be put into practice as a powerful tool to summon the inner healer. Medicine Painting can be a choice for anyone to spark healing, not just artists, the talented, or those who feel they are creative. Creativity cannot be relegated to those with skill alone.

Approaching painting as a healing journey can be thought of as a blooming branch of neoshamanism with roots that go back to our ancestral healing practices. Storytelling, ritual, embodiment, ceremony, intention, marking and prayer were often a part of the healing practices from the past. Painting with an intent to heal, deliver remedies, tell stories and to warn those in the future of potential dangers, can be identified in many ancient civilizations. The art that remains in our human archives, provides the visual evidence.

Medicine Painting is an intuitive journey that grants access to our internal guidance system - the inner healer. More often than not, we don't know what we know. With painting specifically, we do have a way to make what our subconscious or unconscious knows, visible. Imagination may be one of the most potent links to recovering from trauma and illness that we have available. My hope is that our culture can begin to include this medicine painting as a valid pathway to healing, not as a fringe practice, or the domain of the gifted few, but as an integrative approach to self healing.

Painting brings the unknown invisible domain into the known visible domain. What was inside is now outside to be witnessed and interpreted. The painting itself is the symbol providing insight for next steps, or serves as an oracle.

Creativity flows from a living fountain of instinct; hence the unconscious is not merely conditioned by history, but is the very source of the creative impulse. ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Under painting blossoming.jpg

Under painting 

Creating Freom the Heart - Glaze.jpg

Creating From the Heart 
16 X 24 (h x w)
Acrylic on canvas

Art has become a lifestyle choice for me. It helps bring clarity when I need to make life choices. It helps me feel empowered to take my my healing into my own hands. When I go to the canvas with intention, my brush becomes my magic wand. I begin to let go and allow the colors to come together to create a synergy of healing as I tune into the canvas. I begin a deep listening as faith guides the movement and Divine messages come on line. This is when I am in Flow, time evaporates, my body is in tune with the rhythm and movement of my brush.

It becomes a challenge as I walk the fine line between ownership and total surrender, but when I paint I keep in mind the collectors of my art. I create with the Intention to create a feeling of Joy and Healing with each one of my paintings. I like to create a sense of peace and wonder. The paint evolves through several layers or underpaintings. These underpaintings contain the essence for the painting creating a foundation to build from as the final image comes forward. 

My art pieces infuse your space with positive energy.  Intentional Creativity is art as a living prayer; a living prayer that can raise the vibration of your home and all who admire it. Symbols are often added when received as a direct channel from the Divine. Crystal particles are added to the canvas during my paint process by mixing them into the paint before going to the canvas.

Talisman Watermark.jpg

30 X 40 inch (h x w)
Acrylic on canvas

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