The Program

The Prism Perspectives 
Intentional healing through Art and Journaling
The Prism Perspectives Program is a sacred journey taken to explore your inner wisdom. We begin by creating an introduction to your the oracle that lives inside each and everyone of us.  Your Sacred Oracle has wise insightful counsel for you. This information is available to us at all times, we just have to slow down, listen and tap in.  I will guide you toward an introduction to your Sacred Oracle through movement, art and ritual. This is what makes this an Intentional Healing Program. What are you ready to release, embody, put fresh eyes on?  Are you able to manifest what your heart desires?  Are you able to dialog with your Sacred Oracle? Do you know how to "Listen" to your inner guidance?  If you are ready to explore your inner wisdom and step behind the veil, I can help you build a bridge to discovery. A bridge constructed from ALL the colors of you!

What is Required

Showing up for yourself








Each class will allow you to step beyond the ego construct to allow access to Your Wisdom Keeper.  We will tap into your deeper Knowing , we will set boundaries to honor your Integrity.  We will discover your Soul's journey, plant the seed, water it and watch it grow.

Phoenix Rising 

Acknowledging where you have come from, embodying where you are going 

  • Gain clarity through journaling

  • Explore creative art wanting to come through

Sacred Womb/Dantien Honoring

Explore your relationship with your  sacred womb/dantien

  • Karmic and Ancestral Womb Healing

  • Divine Masculine/Feminine Embodiment

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Gain insight and tools to support you Living Authentically.

  • Rewrite your story

  • Improve Self Esteem and Sense of Worthiness


Affirming Self Love/Forgiveness

Discover new ways to practice Unconditional Self Love. Discover rituals for ancestral reverence.

  • Change subconscious beliefs

  • Release Guilt and Shame

Speaking Your Truth 

Discover the power of Invocation. Opening to the vibratory resonance of your voice.

  • Reclaiming your Authentic Voice

  • Honoring the Power of your Essence


Co-Create Your Life 

Improve your power to listen and recognize synchronicity. Learn to trust your innate knowing.

  • Explore your inner wisdom

  • Learn to trust your instincts

Connecting with the Divine in You

Open to Higher Consciousness. Open to Spirituality and Universal oneness.

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs

  • Know beyond all knowing; Reclaim faith

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I am not a licensed therapist or mental health professional.  If you are suffering from a major disorder and need treatment please seek the help of a mental health care provider call 1-800-662-HELP (4357).