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Can you remember hearing a someone in your family saying, "Oh it runs in the family." referring to a certain familial trait or behavior? Well it turns out that statement refers to more than the same crocked pinky toe. It runs deeper… much, much deeper.

The unresolved history of violence, injustice, and suffering is held within our ancestral lines. The unresolved energy of your ancestors affects our physical and mental health which limits our ability to grow and heal.

Our ancestors have stories to tell through us. When we listen to their stories, acknowledge their accomplishments, heed the wisdom learned from their mistakes, we begin to create peace within. Invite them in daily to give gratitude for their blood, sweat and tears, their trials and tribulations, invite them in to share your tears of joy and adoration when you honor them.

I began my ancestral healing during my priestess initiation. As I began to awaken, I recognized old wounds and patterns that were passed down from generation to generation. These wounds began to re-surface not only for myself, but they began to re-surface in my adult children also. They were unconsciously repeating the same patterns I was repeating. That was when I realized the enormity of this work. I began to listen and hear the whispered calls of my ancestors and what needed to be healed, what needed to be let go. I listened to their call, did the work and miraculously, the ancestral wounding my children were exhibiting, began to lose its energetic signature in their lives just as it had for my own life. (Remember, healing is not only about healing ourselves). When we heal ourselves, we heal seven generations back, (and further), and seven generations forward. I continue my daily practice of honoring my ancestors. They want to be called in. There is healing you are being called to complete. Are you carrying around wounds that aren't yours? Through ancestral healing you can resolve the past, heal the present, and create freedom for the future of your family line.

Why Heal Ancestors

1. Ancestral Wounds are holding us back from living our best life.

The wounds have traveled through our families since they were created and our ancestors before us were not ready or able to heal these wounds. Our ancestors dealt with and lived their lives with these wounds continuously affecting them through the choices they made and their unconscious behaviors. We do not have to continue to carry the wounds of past. We can to bring love, light and awareness to these wounds, then choose to heal and release them. When we heal these deep wounds, we free up our lives and create the ability to choose a different way of being.

2. When you heal ancestral wounds, you heal for yourself, your ancestors and for your children.

This is so profound. When you do this work you release the karmic debt from your entire lineage! You help create a future free of wounding and trauma for your children and your children’s children. Ancestral Healing not only empowers the healing of our past and present wounds , but it allows us to begin embodying our spiritual gifts. So Amazing!

3. If you are contemplating wanting to heal ancestral wounds, it is a part of your purpose.

Ancestral connection to these wounds is rooted in your cultural history, but you get to choose if you want to fulfill this aspect of your purpose. Know that when you restore the well being of your own bloodline lineage you have the support and blessings of your ancestors. When you choose to do this work, you become an active part of transmuting the injustice and oppression experienced in the past, present and future.

4. We are All interconnected, and we are all different parts of whole.

When you heal ancestral wounds, you help usher in a new reality for humanity. You are raising the consciousness of the collective. By looking at the shadows stuck in our family’s lineage, you help reduce the amount of violence, abuse and addiction etc., held in our collective.

5. Freedom

When we heal the things that lay deep in our subconscious, we begin to experience freedom in our lives. We also began to release low vibrating energies that can be heavy and prevent our growth and expansion. Once you define what’s true for you, you can step fully into your authentic self and begin living in alignment your soul’s unique purpose.

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