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Intentional Creativity & Soul Expression


Welcome From Deniese

Every story should be told.
But some stories, deserve to be rewritten.
Creativity, intension, and energy can transform your
Soul’s Story, illuminating the life you were always meant to live. 
For this journey, I am your guide…  

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Intentional Creativity is a philosophy of infusing what we make with intention, through mindfulness and embodiment. This approach to making art can be applied to any medium or any topic.

Working with this level of awareness can cause awakening at an exponential level. Once you can hear your own internal wisdom, with practice and fortitude you can begin to hear a clearer narrative from within to inform your life.



Thought is the main ingredient of change. Prism Perspectives' sessions are designed to teach you to combine thought with focus, intuition, and emotion creating a new and powerful reality of your choosing.


The Chakras are vital centers of energy that exist in all of us. Prism Perspectives' unique Soul's Story sessions take you through learning meant to engage each chakra, teaching you to balance and ignite your core energy.


All healing and renewal requires action. Action comes in many forms and symbolizes a drive and willingness seek change. The Soul's Story sessions are crafted to challenge you to act and think in new ways that ultimately serve the life you want to live. 


Innovation is only possible through imagination. It influences everything we do, think about and create. Ultimately, imagination influences everything we do regardless of our profession. Prism Perspectives will show you new ways to harness your imagination.

Would you like to awaken to a new awareness of yourself? Would you like to invite imagination and intuition to reveal higher consciousness and insights to illuminate your path? Would like to learn to communicate clearly with your unique expression of Self? Prism Perspectives intentional creative art sessions are an exploration of mindfulness and self-awareness, a deeper exploration of all the colors of you. •What context do you live your life from? •How can you claim more of your personal power? •Are there distortions or fragmentations present? •Are you open to know what you don't know? •Are you willing to embrace yourself with radical unconditional self-love, compassion and forgiveness? Intentional Creativity sessions allow you to dive below the surface of your awareness to gain access to the context you are operating from. Step out of auto-pilot and begin to curate how you want live your life. Learn how to gain access to your inner landscape to know what you don't know. This is an important life skill to have access to. The decisions you make in your life and relationships, conscious or unconscious, are often influenced by hidden connections to our lineage, culture and family origins. Discovering the hidden connections between patterns and old stories, by using visualization, inquiry and imagination, allows you to re-write your story and step into liberation. When you are engaged in intentional creativity you are activating your left brain and right brain. The whole Self comes online activating Heart, Body, Mind and Field. Intentional Creativity creates a Lived, Felt experience of where you were to where you are going. "..but I can't draw," "There is not a creative bone in my body." "I can barely draw a stick figure." We are all creative beings. We create when we bring things into form. When we cook a fabulous meal we are creating. We just don't think of cooking as being creative. Creativity is not talent based. You do not have to know how to draw. I can show you how a stick figure can become a beautiful work of art. I invite you to step to the edge of your fear, tap into a bit of courage and say "Yes" to you. What do you have to lose? Only lifetimes and lifetimes of distorted views and thoughts, outdated beliefs and behaviors bubbling to the surface ready to be excavated and transformed.

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The SOUL'S Story by Deniese

The Soul's Story is a seven part series, offered exclusively through Prism Perspectives as an exploration of mindfulness, self-awareness, and a deeper odyssey of all the colors and energies of you.

Together we will explore each Chakra through the lens of thought, energy, action, and imagination, creating soul-inspiring artwork through intention that inspires healing and strength along the way. 

My Passion

Meet Deniese

I am an Artist, a Spiritual Alchemist and a New Earth Visionary who dives into Quantum Mysticism by way of ancient practices and Intentional Creativity®. My art is whimsical, activating and invokes a sense of wonder. If you look closely, you will see symbols and images that transport you from a place of now to a place of possibility. I create from a place of Love, holding an intention of healing for myself and for the world. Art has become a safe place of self-expression for me. A portal, if you will, of creative self-awareness. I feel a sense of freedom as I drip, swirl and splash acrylics and watercolor on to canvas and paper, sometimes I add a sprinkling of magical fairy dust to add a bit of glitz and sparkle. I love listening to big ol' bristly brushes, scritchy scratching on the canvas ushering me into a trance like state, as I drift into a Divine state of flow. Suddenly, my brushes transform into magic wands, My canvas becomes a magic portal granting access to imaginary lands rich with transformative information. I receive my inspiration from channeled information ready to be expressed and shared with the world. Journaling and inquiries become mystic keys, unlocking doors I did not remember closing. Colors, symbols and images begin to fill the canvas reflecting moments of clearing and healing as I gain knowledge through myself about myself. These images become a foundational part of my paintings. They are visual representations of the wisdom received, each holding potent information for growth and expansion. The power of the brush guides me through the quantum field of possibilities allowing me to dream my dream into existence, to dream my dream awake and to enjoy this colorful life.

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Etherial San (2)
Etherial San (2)

Stepping into your Legend

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Moving the pen without dominating during inquiry

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Unified Archetype
Unified Archetype

Embodying the Whole Self

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Etherial San (2)
Etherial San (2)

Stepping into your Legend

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How Intentional Creativity Influences My Life

"Do you know who you are?", became the question that ignited my journey towards discovering my Authenticity. I explored this question throughout the years studying with many teachers from around the world.  Along my path of Self-discovery. I initiated into priesthood in the African Yoruba tradition and became a Yoruba Priestess. I began to study the ancient ways of healing utilizing alchemy for Self-healing while keeping in mind the greater good of the whole.  I work with herbs, vibration, meditation, and movement with focused intention to create sacred healing experiences.  I began to add artistic expression to my Self-healing practices many, many years ago. I use art as a way to meditate on a problem or question I need clarity around.  Spirit often leads me to the canvas, to my journal or my sketch book, sometimes all three.  These tools become portals of access to my inner world.  After a few minutes of focused attention, I am in flow, tapped in to my subconscious, left and right brain connected. Aligned. Before I know it, the answers begin to reveal themselves through image, a deep felt sense of knowing. and deep realizations. ​Intentional Creativity allows me to create a visual representation of my inner wisdom.  I practice deep listening while creating. I move into my Heart with inquiry. The movement of the paint brush brings my body into the healing equation. I become aware of my feelings. I use my own language to decipher codes and messages embedded within the images. I allow the pen/brush to move without me dominating it. The pen/brush suddenly becomes my magic wand.  My inner healer comes online and I begin receiving insight and clarity to re-wire my brain and move into Self-Empowerment. One of the things that makes Intentional Creativity so powerful is the mind body connection add heart and field...BAM, the healing goes Quantum. In Intentional Creativity we begin with Heart first to bring the power of Love into all we create.


Love and emanation of its' physical embodied space thorough inquiry


Self Awareness through language


Play; Creativity equals Access through image


Shared Space; Witnessed through the energy field of collaboration

"Wonderful class to bring awareness to the chakras. I now know how to identify and locate imbalances and what to do to balance each one."


"My mind was tired and anxious before class. After class I felt relaxed, energized and rejuvenated. The exercises allowed me to learn more about myself and how to let things go that no longer serve me."